9 Week - Introduction to Fashion Design
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9 Week - Introduction to Fashion Design

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This 9-Week course will outline industry terminology, top designers, textiles, and history. There will also be an introduction to sketching, designing, draping, drafting, pattern-making, and construction. More in-depth coverage of pattern-making and sewing will be covered in the Pattern-Making and Sewing Certification Programs.

This course includes 81 hours total, 3 hours per day, 3 days per week for 9 weeks.

Outline of Course

Week 1
Fashion Business Terminology
Textiles and Color Stories

Week 2  
Top Designers
Trend Analysis and Forecasting
Fashion History

Week 3
Introduction to the Fashion Design Process and Production Path
Introduction to Fashion Sketching (Flats, Croquis, Tech Packs)

Week 1-3
Sewing Review

Week 4-8
Introduction to Pattern-Making

Week 4-6
Introduction to Draping

Week 7-8
Introduction to (Flat-Pattern) Drafting
Final Design, Pattern-Making, and Sewing Projects
Textile, Color, Trend Story Boards
Timeline or Designer Presentation
Mood Board and Design Small Capsule Collection (3 looks)
Sew Basic Project [from pre-developed pattern] (similar to Sewing 201     course)
Drape Foundation Skirt and Bodice
Flat-Pattern Draft Foundation Skirt
Sew Mock-up Foundation Skirt and Shift Dress

Fashion Garment (out of Fashion Fabric) [Skirt or Dress]

Students Responsibility:

Pencils, Paper, Double Stick Tape
Bristol Board
Choice of Coloring Medium (Colored Pencils, Markers, Watercolors, Gouache, etc.
Sewing Kit
Scissors (both Paper and Fabric)
Pins and Holder
Hand Sewing Needles, Needle Threader, Thimble, and Seam Ripper
Measuring Tape, Tailor’s Chalk, Tracing Wheel and Paper
Fashion Fabric (For Final Project) and any Closures or Embellishments
Pattern-Drafting Kit
French Curve Ruler
Hip Curve Ruler
Vary-Form (Waist) Ruler
Clear Grid Straight Edge
T-Square or L- Ruler
Fashion Fabric (for Final Project)

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